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News / News: July 4th 2014
« on: July 04, 2014, 02:59:09 PM »
News report for the week of July 4th 2014.

  • 200,000 People have been given access to the multiplayer, I know one of our members is with in that number.  (I'm 243,081, I missed it by that much.)
    With the access comes a new patch was which opened up squadron battle, (Team Deathmatch) a 3v3 battle.

  • For those of you with a cutlass I have news just for you:
    • The Asteroid hangar that is packaged with your Cutlass is almost finished apart from minor bugs.
    • The asteroid hanger will be the first with the "Room system", so you'll be able to add extra rooms to your hangar such as bedroom, armory etc.
      However this unlikely to be released until the discount, business & deluxe hangars receive the same upgrade.

  • The 4th episode of 'round the verse has been released:
    The first 7 minutes contains more news than what I could post here, and the final minutes contain a sneak peek at the "Low rent" planet side area.

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